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Welcome Shadow Warriors!

I'm a Tarot Reader, Cartomancer, 500 Hour Yoga Alliance E-RYT, & Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider. I'm determined to help people experience life the way they envision it. However, manifesting includes working through and recognizing past trauma, failures and Jungian Shadow work...something I feel gets glossed over in this new "just think happy thoughts" spiritual bypass movement. You can manifest out of any energy state, you just need to know how to manage your personal energy correctly. The recipe is different for everyone! For a greater understanding on how you can reach your own happiness and make your dreams come true, contact me for details. I provide video Tarot, Lenormand & Oracle card readings; personalized yoga vids and holistic life coaching. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my website. I wish you nothing but what you truly desire in life, for yourself and the greater good of all those around you.



THESE TESTIMONIALS WERE NOT SOLICITED NOR EXCHANGED AS PART OF A BARTER. They were gathered from text and email comments, after the service was performed and payments are completed. Stacy asks for feedback from each client, Light & Shadow, post payment and services rendered. In no way did the author know they were going to be used as a Testimonial, although permission is requested before posting. Integrity and transparency are of the utmost importance in all areas of Wild Shadow Tarot.

Holy Smokes Stacy, you hit everything right on!!! I got goosebumps a couple of times! I definitely want to sleep on everything you talked about and see what the dreams say to me. That was fantastic, it felt like you were with me.” – Jan 2021 (Video Love Reading)

Molly B.

It was so exciting right off the bat, you give off such friendly and inviting energy that made me feel comfortable, relaxed and understood.
During the read you really know what you are talking about.
You seem to be so educated on this that you would give a brief mini history lesson behind each and every card and I found that quite fascinating and brilliant.
I really loved that quality because it answered all of my questions and also gave a deeper perspective on the meanings of the cards and signs and how they evolve throughout times.
I love the shadow descriptions and appreciate the humbling of realistic energies and how they are meant to be there to balance each other out.
Everything about this reading resonated with me. – December 2020 (Inception Spread with Video)

Frankie R.

You (Stacy) were awesome! Thank you for working around my schedule and my abilities. I rate you highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality. I'm highly recommending you to my friends! – December 2019  (Yoga, Tarot & Oracle Guidance)

Barbara C.

This is so cool! You’ll need to coach me on the Gemini ways. (Her Progressed Moon is currently in Gemini…ask me why that matters!) Thank you so much for doing this! I really love your passion!!! – April 2021 (Astrology via Text)

Chantelle B.

Connecting with you Stacy is easy to do since you come from a place of kindness and trust. Your honest insight has been helpful in openly expanding my understanding of known and unknown truths. - June 2021 (Yoga & Moon Manifesting)

Hanni J.

What an incredible experience, tailored just for us…radiant with good energy, full of love and laughter. Your knowledge, professionalism, and kind heart are on full display when you channel, and it was an honor to share my wedding day with you. I would recommend you to any and everyone! – July 2019 (Special Event)

Katherine K.

Stacy! You are FUN and professional, at the same time personable, intuitive and amazing to be around. That was the bomb! - August 2018 (In Person General Reading)

Erika E.

Stacy…I can honestly say that the value I received, with everything that I learned, has been instrumental in the growth of my personal life. Your intuitive nature allows for a specially-tailored “recipe” that targets my individual needs and goals. Your extensive knowledge in Cartomancy ensures complete safety and support in whatever I may be working on. You are diligent in creating a unique plan for each student and are genuinely passionate about your work as a teacher. I highly recommend you to both someone who is curious about trying out tarot/Shadow work, or for someone who has been dabbling for years and is looking for one-on-one guidance. - January 2018 (One on One Shadow Coaching)

Julie J.

Stacy! You are the best! Being my first time trying Yoga or Tarot, I’ll admit that I was slightly nervous. Immediately upon meeting you my mind was put at ease by your incredible professionalism and awesome positive attitude. You did an incredible job not only walking me through the steps but also were engaging as you discussed some of the spiritual relations or just historical relevance of what we were doing. Hands down a positive experience and I will absolutely be contacting you again for another series. - March 2018 (One on One Shadow Coaching)

Brian D.

Absolutely fantastic!! I will highly recommend!! SPOT ON!!! - June 2021 (3 Card Pull)

Kelly N.

Such a great experience Stacy! You are the perfect coach, helping me learn the fundamentals while also showing me the roadmap for where we could go. Very prepared, always had the entire session planned before we started. Very professional, nice, funny and great to work with. You’ve inspired me to do my best and push hard! Would recommend to anyone. FANTASTIC. - May 2018, (One on One Shadow Coaching)

Pete N.


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